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Good Design is Good Business


Good design is good business.

At HK Architects, we try to positively affect people’s lives with good design. We do our utmost to efficiently use our building spaces and the materials we build with. Nothing should go to waste, whether it’s space, resources, materials, or time. We hold dear existing spaces through restoration and renovation. We plan every building around natural daylight and the land the building will inhabit. We delight in using sustainable materials that respect the environment they’re built in to and that last for generations to enjoy. We believe respectful, quality designs that last are good designs. We are an architecture firm that believes investing in these good designs is good business – for you and for us.


Our office reflects the things we value most in architecture and design:

Renovation and restoration: Our building was a chemical distribution warehouse – it was subdivided ten years ago, and we have 4500 sq. feet of it, preserving as many original features as we can. Open space: We chose to give our team a single, open space to work in because we feel it improves teamwork and communication and movement. Collaboration: Our team is highly encouraged to work alongside each other. We value that by removing physical barriers and walls, but also in the unique atmosphere of our architecture firm being housed in an old chemical warehouse. Economy of means: We are careful to use available resources – time, money, materials – each to their utmost, being mindful of waste and quick to innovate ways of recycling or reuse. Simplicity in design: We’ve found that simple designs not only minimize distraction, but also offer a lot of space and openness, which lead to better work. Natural environment: Natural light, recycled materials, and other touches like plants, organic fabrics, and so on, lend a calmness and peace to any space.

We hope you find our workspace as delightful and inspiring as we do!


We are always looking for talented individuals who can help our team grow.  Feel free to Contact us and we can give you instructions for submitting your resume and portfolio.

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Nicholas Messerlain in Chattanooga, TN on HouzzNicholas Messerlain in Chattanooga, TN on HouzzNicholas Messerlain in Chattanooga, TN on HouzzNicholas Messerlain in Chattanooga, TN on Houzz