Video – Fairmount Ave Townhomes – Pavers

Belgard Hardscapes / Environmental was honored to supply the Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers and the Bio-Aquifer Storm System (BASS) as specified for the Chattanooga Housing Authority Project / Fairmount Town Homes.  The selected paver was Aqua Bric Type 4 because it is a mechanically installed paver that drastically reduces labor costs as compared to traditional Unit Paver installations.  The primary benefits for using a permeable system lies beneath the pavers as the paver is only a part of the system.  As for the paver, it does have its own benefits in that we can produce colors that have a high Solar Reflectivity Index that assists in reducing thermal pollution and contributes toward a LEED credit for non-roof heat island effect.  In addition, the pavers offer void spaces that allow for infiltration rates that will handle any storm event on record and offer a PSI of well over 8000 that will handle the same traffic loads as any given urban street.  As for the benefits of the BASS system,  it basically transforms a parking lot into a large filter that takes in all storm water along with associated first-flush impurities.  This storm water is cleansed of the impurities as it passes thru the system which not only cleans the water, but also slows it down to a trickle if and when it does leave the system.  Because the water flow is slowed down, this gives more time for the storm water to percolate thru the ground and back to the aquifers / water table or simply evaporate.  First Flush is becoming a hot button for the EPA and it should be noted that this system will eliminate First Flush from this site.  Last but not least, the pavers provide a very attractive wearing course that stands the test of time as we design for a 50 year life cycle.