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Citibank Tower was designed by Mr. Kronenberg as Design Partner for IEDC. The tower is prominently located on Roxas Triangle in Makati in Metro Manila. It is 35 stories and approximately 560,000 square feet. The corporate offices for Citibank occupy about 20 floors of the building. There are two banks of six high-speed elevators serving the low and high rise floors. A service elevator serves all floors.

The main entrance lobby is a two story public concourse clad in marble. All building occupants and visitors pass through the main lobby. Parking for three hundred cars is provided on level two through seven of the tower. A glass enclosed banking hall occupies the prominent corner of the site. The building was designed to relate to and compliment the existing Citibank building constructed in the late 1970’s.

The typical office floors are 16,000 square feet with a typical lease depth of 35 feet. The tower is shaped to provide a generous number of prized corner offices. The floor to floor height is 12’-3” with a finished ceiling height of 8’-6”. Power, telephone, and data are distributed via trench header ducts and power cells in an electrified metal deck from the telephone and electrical rooms. These cells also accommodate wiring for computer networks.

The building structure is 6000 psi high strength concrete with high grade reinforcing steel in a dual system of coupled shear walls at the core and ductile moment frames on the exterior designed to UBC Seismic Zone 4 requirements.

The mechanical system is a water-cooled system with a cooling tower on the roof and floor by floor fan rooms. Diesel powered generators provide 100% back up power. The building is has a sprinkler system throughout and designed in accordance with type I non-combustible construction as outlined in the Uniform Building Code. A computer based Building Management System monitors and controls the building air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, power, security, fire, and life safety systems.

The tower is clad in low-e reflective laminated glass, insulated metal panels and granite. It was completed and fully leased in 1997.

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