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Hatch House

Hatch House


Hatch House

In 2008 Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects teamed with the Austin Hatcher Foundation for a carefree childhood to develop and design the first Hatcher House of Hope in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Below, is a short description of the Hatch House is all about:

Our mission is to support research towards the diagnoses, treatment and development of a cure for pediatric cancer and to provide support and hope to children and families undergoing treatment as well as to those who have lost children due to cancer.

Who we are:

A foundation created for the profit of common good by parents who know the long reach of pediatric cancer. Born from loss, Austin Hatcher Foundation passionately values the sparkle of infant life and moves towards

What we do:

We champion bold research, new treatments, and the vision for a cure. We join families in their struggle by providing tangible support.

How we move:

Austin Hatcher links its corporate partners and financial network with pioneers in medicine and providers of family care.

Why we’re here:

To help families overcome childhood cancer by financing research and treatment developments, awareness programs, diversionary therapies, and the many unforeseeable costs a family often endures. We hope that out of the loss of one, thousands will be served and saved.




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