Currently, HK Architects is working with LAUNCH Chattanooga to design their parklet to enhance their kitchen incubator. LAUNCH Chattanooga is a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Chattanooga area through programs, resources, and event space - including their kitchen incubator (Kitchen Incubator of Chattanooga or KIC). As they continue to grow and enhance their offerings, LAUNCH approached HK Architects to design a parklet for the space in front of the KIC building.

A parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides more space for outdoor seating, greenery, and community activities. For LAUNCH, the new parklet will serve as an activated "front porch" to host food trucks, outdoor events, and casual gatherings right on the street.

"The parklet ties into LAUNCH's mission of fostering entrepreneurship and building community," said Heidi Hefferlin, lead architect on the project at HK Architects. "By extending their presence to the sidewalk, they create a welcoming entry point and bring all the great energy from inside-- outside".

HK's design incorporates ample seating, a small stage for live music, planter boxes for greenery, a pergola for shade, and flexible programmable space.

LAUNCH’s new community space at the KIC will begin construction over the summer and slated for completion this fall. It will not only benefit the KIC's existing members and visitors, but also create an inviting public space for the whole community to enjoy.