At HK Architects, we believe thorough preparation is key to a successful building project. That's why we emphasize test fits and programming in the early stages.

Let’s say you have a business that needs space for 50 employees. You have outgrown your current space and are looking for more square footage while also needing space to include a kitchen, multiple conference rooms, smaller conference room areas, a large board room, etc. You think you found the perfect building, but you are unsure if all your building needs could fit in this new space.

HK Architects has two solutions for this scenario.

  1. Programming: Defining project requirements

Programming involves gathering and analyzing all relevant project information - client goals, budget, specific requirements, site details, and code regulations. We work closely with clients to clearly define the project scope, priorities, and key drivers. Thorough programming ensures all aspects are considered upfront, minimizing oversights later. Below is a visual representation of the programming results that guided the design of United Way of Chattanooga. See the finished project here!

  1. Test Fits: Visualizing the Design

During test fits, we create hand-sketches or renderings to visualize how the proposed building will look and function within the designated space. We analyze layout options, space utilization, traffic flow, and functional relationships between areas. This allows us to identify potential issues early and develop optimal solutions. In the case of EMJ, the test fit was to show them how their needs could be met in an existing structure, though test fits can be used on new construction and renovations. See the completed project here!


Through test fits and programming, we can anticipate challenges and make informed decisions from the start. This meticulous early-stage planning positions projects for smooth execution and successful outcomes that meet our clients' visions.