Campbell Residence



New Build

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Architects: Clif McCormick, Principal

Photography: Sarah Dorio

The owners of this lot had one of the best locations in Chattanooga—a small, quiet street that was only one block from the main drag in North Shore, as well as a stone’s throw from the famous walnut street walking bridge to downtown. HK Architects was tasked with building a new custom home for the family of four that took advantage of these nearby views and maximized space on the narrow lot. 

During the design phase, drones were flown at different heights on the property in order to pinpoint the best views and orientations. This exercise revealed that going up one additional floor would offer an amazing view. In order to maximize the family’s budget, we created a tower and crow’s nest with a deck to capture the panoramic views of downtown Chattanooga, adding valuable, programmable outdoor areas without the expense of an entire additional floor. 

Besides the beautiful vista, the show-stopping feature of this home is the cantilevered pool deck, which extends over the entrance to the garage with large steel beams. Much of the interior’s programming was built to ensure easy transition between the outside and inside rooms. An open floor plan for the kitchen, dining room, and living room sits adjacent to the pool and deck, accessing the outdoor area through a 15-foot wide, floor-to-ceiling multi-slide pocketing door for a seamless connection. 

The design for this North Shore home maximized the lot’s value through clever design and well-researched orientation, providing this young family with plenty of room to enjoy the views and the outdoors without sacrificing square footage inside the home.