Erin Bolinger





Did you know, when visiting the Palace of Versailles, it’s considered bonne chance or good luck to be the unsuspecting target of a bird in flight over the courtyard? Erin knows only too well. She was struck with said luck on the forehead. Twice.

But the truth is, she doesn’t need luck. She’s got something better. Grit, good old Southern hospitality and a degree from Pellissippi State. So when it comes to filling in the gaps of any project that lands in Erin’s lap, her education, years of experience and ingrained ability to never meet a stranger are all she really needs. Her years of experience in banking, construction, real estate and project management have positioned her to be a successful project coordinator. Erin works exceptionally well with everyone from CEOs to roofing crews. And while she’s worked incredibly hard to get where she is today, she still feels pretty lucky. Coincidentally, so do we.



1216 East Main Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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