Kate Kronenberg
Marketing Specialist
HK Kate

Armed with a psychology degree, Kate embarked on a journey that turned her understanding of human behavior into a marketer. So, what does Kate do in HK? She makes us look good.

When Kate isn't conjuring marketing magic, she channels her innate green thumb and natural design sensibility. It's this fusion of her passion and aptitude for design that sets her apart, bringing an artistic eye to showcasing all of HK's architectural wonders.

Beyond the office, you'll find her exploring thrift stores and estate sales – she’s a treasure hunter at heart. Gardening, reading, and swimming fuel Kate’s soul, but nothing beats her belting out tunes at karaoke nights.

Her admiration for the likes of Hugh Jacobsen and mid-century modern furniture fuels her creative spark. She and her husband play the roles of proud pet parents to a cat and Pepper, a spirited pup who has not only enriched their home but has also become an integral part of the office.

1216 East Main Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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