Marianne Dillon
Administrative Assistant
HK Architects Headshots

What does Marianne do at HK? She welcomes every visitor with a warm smile and makes them feel right at home. When she's not managing the front desk or crunching invoices, you can find Marianne out on the trails, wading through creeks or cooking for friends. She channels her adventurous spirit into exploring waterfalls, experimenting with natural dyes, and wandering around the city. 

She’s motivated by making personal connections and leaving every place better than she found it – whether it’s a clean campsite in the forest, a cheerful smile that brightens someone’s day, or a helpful new skill she’s learned to share. One of Marianne's biggest accomplishments is hiking the El Camino de France in 2022. When not out seeking adventure, you’ll find Marianne at home experimenting with cyanotype printmaking, walking her loyal dog, or handwriting letters to friends new and old.

1216 East Main Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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