Perched on the edge of Missionary Ridge, this home affords beautiful panoramic views of Chattanooga. We were asked to alleviate the internal circulation problem. Although the original rooms were nicely proportioned, the stairways and hallways were awkward and did not flow well. We designed an oval, spiral “Parisian” staircase with risers of asymmetrical widths. It was fabricated in Normandy, France and shipped to Chattanooga, where the craftsmen installed it in their home. We added a new kitchen and entry hall on the ground floor, a family room, study, and master suite on the second, and an attic studio on the third floor. The walls of the main rooms are lined with casework to display the owner's’ impressive book collection. We added new French doors and window frames and porches to the rear to increase access to the view of Chattanooga.

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