Patricia C. Alvarado




When she’s not deeply engrossed in yet another documentary (or documenting things herself with her photography), Patricia is busy helping her clients live and breathe the dignified spaces she creates, no matter the square footage. Born and raised in Mexico, she graduated from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro, worked for over 10 years, then moved to Chattanooga just to be with us (we’re blushing). Her favorite color may be gray, but don’t let that fool you. Inspired by the simple lines and creativity of other architects like Tadao Ando and Luis Barragan, her designs are anything but drab. As a newbie to Chattanooga, we have ensured she knows how to get to Sing It or Wing It so she can sing her go-to karaoke song, “Si Nos Dejan” by Luis Miguel. But she's also on the hunt for a new favorite coffee shop to help fuel her creativity. Outside recommendations are currently being accepted.


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