Youngeun Joung




Youngeun 2019 Fun

Youngeun was once tricked into attending a concert performed by the heavy metal band Gwar, and left covered in blood. This has not stopped red from being her favorite color. Youngeun finds value in all aspects of her profession, from fast-paced internal team meetings to exploring the unique essences of space. But, she’s especially motivated by strong coffee. Youngeun is a graduate of Andrew’s University, where she received her Master of Architecture degree. Her favorite HK project is Chattanooga Erlanger Children’s Hospital’s Secret Garden, a multi-disciplinary collaboration to create a safe, creative and interactive exploration space for child-patients where they could just be kids and escape difficult hospital realities. Outside of the office, Youngeun likes to travel, paint, play the ukelele, and (lovingly) torture her cat Mr. KimBob.