As Chattanooga's Southside neighborhood flourished into a vibrant hub of creativity and culture, HK Architects played a pivotal role in its growth and development. Among the many innovative projects that contributed to the area's transformation, the adaptive reuse of a group of historic Warehouse Row stands out as another example worthy of highlighting.

In the heart of Chattanooga's Southside, nestled among the echoes of a bygone era, lies a historic treasure known as Warehouse Row. In 1984, eight 19th-century storehouses were artfully renovated and integrated into one, giving birth to the Warehouse Row shopping center. In the early 2000s, Warehouse Row was at a crossroads. It had witnessed various tenants come and go, but its potential for revitalization remained untapped. Jamestown Properties collaborated with HK Architects, formerly known as Hefferlin Kronenberg Architects, to breathe new life into this iconic structure.

Historic photo of Warehouse Row (above) which now houses Public House and retail stores such as JCrew, Anthropologie, and Lulu Lemon (below).

The How and the Why

The first step in the revitalization of Warehouse Row was the development of a comprehensive master plan. This plan aimed to not only engage the surrounding city but also to transform the center into an urban lifestyle hub. The result was a brilliant blend of historic preservation and modern functionality.

Adaptive Reuse: Rather than bulldozing the historic storehouses, HK Architects and the client recognized their intrinsic value. They carefully preserved and repurposed these 19th-century gems, ensuring that the rich history of Warehouse Row remained an integral part of its identity.

Central Mall: One of the key elements of the redesign was the introduction of a central mall. This innovation created a vibrant and collaborative workspace that attracted entrepreneurs, startups, and creative minds. Warehouse Row evolved from a mere shopping center into a dynamic community hub.

High-End Retail: The architects understood the need to attract a diverse range of visitors. To achieve this, they incorporated high-end retail spaces for home and fashion brands. This not only elevated the shopping experience but also drew in a discerning clientele.In addition to retail, spaces were allocated for restaurants as well.

Convenient Parking: Accessibility was another vital aspect of the project. To ensure that visitors had easy access to Warehouse Row, convenient adjacent parking facilities were developed. This strategic move welcomed more foot traffic and ensured that the center was a bustling local destination.

How Warehouse Row Sparked a Southside Renaissance

The redesign not only breathed new life into Warehouse Row but also injected economic vitality into the Southside neighborhood. New businesses flourished, and the local economy thrived, leading to an increase in employment opportunities.

HK Architects’  visionary transformation of Warehouse Row stands as a testament to the power of innovative design and historic preservation. Their dedication to revitalizing this iconic structure not only reinvigorated a historic landmark but also injected economic vitality playing a pivotal role in the renaissance of Chattanooga's Southside. More to come on our #southsideseries.

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