HK New Hires

Anne is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, earning her Bachelor of Interior Design. When it comes to design, Anne's true passions lie in the programming and schematic design phases. She treasures the explorative conversations with clients that uncover their conscious and unconscious wants and needs. For Anne, the magic happens when those insightful dialogues coalesce into a thoughtfully designed physical space. However, her drive extends beyond just interiors - she champions a cohesive, unified design language that spans the entire design – architecture, landscaping, and other design and engineering disciplines.

In 2023, Anne took a sabbatical to embark on a 6-month thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. This experience deepened her appreciation for nature's beauty and the importance of environmental stewardship, as well as the role architecture can play in regionally-appropriate solutions. Kindness, compassion, sustainability, and connection to the earth motivate Anne in both her personal and professional pursuits. An avid hiker, she strives to leave every trail better than she found it. Anne also draws inspiration from the fearlessness and delight of children.

1216 East Main Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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