Javier Peralta-Ramos




Javier is an adventurer and explorer at heart. He climbed the highest mountain in America, dove in the Caribbean’s crystal-clear waters, and learned how to ski in Patagonia (it’s not bragging if it’s true.) And based on his travel to-do list, it looks like he’s not slowing down any time soon. But his biggest adventure was moving from Argentina to the States to give his kids a better future. In many ways, that’s what he strives to do for his clients as well, improving their quality of life through good design. It all started after graduating with a degree in architecture in 1993 when he moved to Paris to intern for Gino Valle and Bechu + associés firm. We’re not saying we’re jealous, but we’re jealous. He later returned to Argentina to start his own firm. And now he’s stuck with us. Lucky guy. He also refers to his wife as “his best friend since ever.” What a romantic.    


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