Joe Thomas



HK Architects Headshots

One of Joe’s earliest memories is of arranging piles of leaves into the rooms of an imaginary house — and his love of architecture only grew from there. Prior to joining HK, Joe held a variety of design positions, including assisting with office renovation for Astec Industry, working as a field office designer for Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company, and designing extensively for the Mueller Corporation in Chattanooga. Notably, he designed a proposed renovation for Mueller that consisted of 13 restrooms and three cafeterias in their Chattanooga manufacturing plant. 

 Joe holds degrees in commercial interior design and mechanical engineering from the University of Texas — his interest in machinery stemming from his father’s work in the heavy equipment industry throughout Joe’s childhood. Joe has also participated in a number of volunteer efforts in Chattanooga, including as a volunteer youth counselor at Hospice Chattanooga and as a volunteer middle school arts teacher at a Chattanooga Montessori school.

1216 East Main Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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