Teal Thibaud




Teal leads HK's overall marketing strategy. It’s a part-time gig for her. She’s also running her own placemaking consulting firm (check out Little Things Lab). As a self-proclaimed civic design nerd, Teal understands and values the importance of a sense of place and our responsibility as designers to respect and enhance the communities in which we live and work. Her experience in non-profit work as co-founder and leader of Glass House Collective helped her realize just how important we architects really are. Basically, she loves us. And we’ll take it — even though we have to share it with her four-year-old daughter and the rest of our city. Just be prepared, if you walk down Main Street with Teal she will stop and talk to multiple people — all of whom she seems to know and love. A community builder, hiker, snowboarder, skater, and a yoga’er, Teal stays busy and helps make us look good.


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